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Circular Stairs

Installing a circular staircase in your home will immediately add a “WOW” factor to any entryway. Guests will love the beauty and grace that it adds. You will love the durability and sophistication that it brings to your home. A circular staircase will save room in your living or office space, making room for other things that you need.

Circular stairs are generally larger than spiral staircases and usually feature a more solid look. However, there are spiral stairways that take advantage of the circular stair look and scale them down to the size of a spiral store. This style of staircase is a great look in any room or entrance way — especially if you are looking for the glamour of a larger staircase in the size of a smaller spiral staircase.

Circular staircases can be purchased in many different styles but one of the most popular is the spiral staircase. These wood spiral stairs can be supported by a wall or they can stand alone. They can be used to build a grand entry or to create a split stair balcony. The versatility of the design makes this style of staircase very popular for many different spaces. The staircase is available in different styles - including glass, metal and wood.

For indoors, an all-wood style is usually best for two reasons, the look and the durability. The beautiful curve of this staircase is enhanced by the richness of the wood. Several types of wood are available when purchasing a preassembled set of circular stairs. The various shades or colors of the wood ensure that you will find something that matches the rest of the house or office space, such as any wood accents, flooring, or furniture that is already in place in the area. The staircase’s size can be customized by changing the diameter. Other modifications are also available.

Custom Circular Stairs .......

You can choose the balusters which vary in size and style. You can usually choose how close to space them, in case you are worried about children on the stairs. You can also choose a customized railing for your spiral stairs. This is one more way to make your staircase fit your home, surroundings and style.

Many circular staircases can be purchased as a preassembled staircase. This is a process that involves the company building the staircase completely to ensure its durability and safety. The staircase is then completely disassembled and shipped directly to your home or office space. You can then easily install it in just a few simple steps. The all wood staircases are carefully handcrafted with the finest, high-quality woods to make sure your product looks as good as it possibly can.

Having a beautiful staircase will add grace and sophistication to an area, while saving space at the same time. A set of durable circular stairs will enhance any home or office space.

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