how to clean stair banisters

how to clean stair banisters

Do you know that banisters can be very dirty and sticky from general usage? There is no doubt that cleaning staircase banisters are one of the few overlooked jobs in numerous homes. You will forget to clean these railings unless you are lucky enough to have a professional maid service. If your maid service does not frequent your home, your railings will become dirty by the time you get around and clean them.


These are two different jobs that need to be done thoroughly to ensure that your railings are impressive from first sight. At times, you might decide to run a feather duster or even a dust cloth along your stair banisters. It is good to know that if you do this, you are not cleaning them to the expected standards. In most cases, they are made from wood. In such cases, they will tend to be sticky from time to time. Therefore you must find out the best way to clean them to avoid stickiness.

Unless you have hired a reliable professional maid service who will be cleaning regularly, your banisters will always be dusty and quite sticky. If you don’t appreciate their services and you have noticed your banisters are becoming sticky, then this is the right time to clean them.


The tools you require to clean your banisters mainly depends on the severity of the cleaning required. You need highly advanced tools that will do the cleaning job efficiently. Also, it is good to consider easy to use tools that will never give you a headache when using them. In that case, you will need some of these supplies if you really want your banisters to look admirable and clean.

Most professionals who provides these services boast of special cleaners for removing dust and the rare sticky feel in your banisters. If you have used their services you can attest that they used one of these products. You might be having some of them in your home.

  • Lemon juice.
  • Vegetable oil.
  • White vinegar.
  • Cleaning cloths.
  • Feather duster.
  • Olive oil.


Removing the top layer of dust is arguably the best way to start your cleaning activity. Use a feather duster and soft cleaning cloth over the staircase banister. It depends on whether your banister requires minimal or super cleaning. What does minimal cleaning mean? In this case, your wood is dirtier than your dust cloth. Therefore you can use a feather duster. You are much likely to fall under this category if you have a maid service who come regularly.


This is the time to begin your worst-case scenario. It is now time to do some super cleaning. All that you need to do is mix two cups of water and a single cup of vinegar. Afterwards, gently spray the mixture onto the stair banisters. You need to give the mixture some minutes to settle. How do you restore the shine in your banisters? Just put a few drops of olive or vegetable oil.

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