how to clean stair carpet?

how to clean stair carpet

Carpets are fantastic home accessories that instantly enhance the aesthetic value of your home. Although it can usually be found in the living room and bedrooms, it can also be installed on the stairs, which is undoubtedly what many homeowners do. The stairs can give a new style and beauty, and also protect you and your family from slipping.

It is not always good to put a carpet on the stairs since cleaning can be very stressful. The stairs are used very often, so carpets can be installed there very quickly. If you have a rug on the stairs and don’t know how to clean it, check out the helpful guide I prepared for you below.

  • Always start cleaning from the top of the stairs – this is something everyone should know, although some homeowners clean the bottom of the stairs by going up. It is always recommended to start from the top of the stairs until any dust, dirt, or other unwanted particles that you remove from the carpet fall to the bottom of the stairs. This will make it easier and more comfortable for you to clean the carpet on the stairs effectively. Besides, this will help you not to touch on areas that have already been cleared.
  • Use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner to remove debris – debris can be a big problem on your carpet, and the same applies to carpets on the stairs. Before cleaning, it is recommended to remove any debris on the carpet with a vacuum cleaner or a wet / dry vacuum cleaner. This will help prevent a large amount of waste in the vacuum cleaner, which you will use later.
  • Clean a lot – If you think the carpet in your living room might get dirty, the carpet on the stairs may be a bigger cleaning problem. For this reason, you should always clean the carpet on the stairs. Don’t wait for the carpet to look dull and dirty before you try to clean it. Since it receives a lot of pedestrians every day, it is recommended to clean it three to four times a week so that it does not become too dirty or worn out due to heavy use.

Stair steps or small pieces of carpet on the stairs itself are a less expensive carpet option for your stairs. This will be a logical choice for the hidden staircase, such as the back staircase or the small staircase that leads to the basement or attic. They provide a cushion and are safe to slip, but at a much better cost than wall-to-wall carpets.

Visible staircases from other rooms are part of a large room and can be used more widely, and are best suited for individual carpets covering both riser and stairs. It must be securely fastened, preferably by professionals, so that no one travels on a mat-free surface. You can include the entire width of the drawer with a rug, eliminating the need for dust and cleaning small areas of wood or tiles that may extend beyond the carpet.

Regardless of your carpet requirements in your stairs, some considerations that your needs in the above areas will help you feel the carpet that you end up and how it matches your design before you make a purchase, every job — The need.

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