how to clean wooden stair railing

how to clean wooden stair railing

Staircase railings essentially render using the stairs easy and safe. However, after a long duration of use, they tend to become dusty and sticky. This is caused by the accumulation of natural home dust as well as greasy substances such as lotions and natural body oils. Failure to clean the stairs implies that the mixture of dust and oils will continue to accumulate to the extent of making the rails gross and unsightly. Given that this problem cannot be averted, homeowners need to learn how to clean their stair railing. Below are the necessary items and effective techniques used in cleaning wooden handrails.

Must-have Items

ü    Dusterü    Cleaning clothsü    Spray bottleü    Cotton swabs or soft brushesü    White vinegar, mild soap, olive oil or lemon juiceü    Water

Step One: Selecting a Cleaning Agent

You may select from a variety of cleaning agents in a bid to keep your staircase railing sparkling. Homeowners may opt for chemical cleansers or choose to make homemade solutions by mixing natural products like vinegar, lemon juice, and vegetable oil. Here is how to use these mixtures.

ü    Vinegar and Warm Water

Mix one cup of vinegar with two cups of water into a large bowl. This mixture is mild and perfect for cleaning all wooden railings, whether polished or unpolished.

ü    Vegetable Oil and Vinegar

You may mix one cup of vegetable oil with two tablespoons of white vinegar. This concoction is loaded with anti-bacterial properties that come in handy in disinfecting the rails. It also moisturizes the wood, which gives it a better appearance.

ü    Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

Take one cup of olive oil and add a half a cup of lemon juice. This mixture works as a deodorizer, disinfectant and leaves the railings with a glossy finish.

Step Two: Dusting

Like mentioned before, wooden staircases tend to collect a lot of dust, which ultimately renders them unsightly. This is where dusting comes in handy. For this procedure, you will need a duster, which could be a soft piece of cloth, a disposable or feather duster. Begin running your duster from the top of the staircase and make your way towards the lower floor. Remember to dust the balusters as well.

Step Three: Cleaning

The following procedures are used for cleaning sticky staircase railings.

ü    Moderate Cleaning

This level of cleaning is usually done once a week. It goes a long way in removing moderate amounts of oils. For this step, you should wipe down the entire railing with a soft cleaning cloth saturated with a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice. Alternatively, you may add the mixture into a spray bottle and shake gently for a few minutes. Subsequently, spray the mixture on to the cleaning cloth and use it to wipe the rails. You may also use a mixture of vegetable oil and vinegar.

ü    Deep Cleaning

This level of cleaning is suitable for extremely greasy railings. You should pour the mixture of white vinegar and warm water into the spray bottle and shake well. Subsequently, spray the wooden railings with the mixture and let it sit for a minute before cleaning it away with a cloth. While cleaning, ensure to scrub the rails thoroughly and change the cloth when it becomes too oily. Repeat the process until the rail acquires a natural, smooth feel.

ü    Using Chemical Cleaners

For this purpose, you should get some liquid soap or dishwashing detergent and mix a few drops with warm water. You may either pour the mixture into a spray bottle or dip a cleaning cloth into the liquid before scrubbing the rails. While this method is quick, it requires a lot of water, and thus it’s not ideal for staircases with carpets—unless of course, you need the carpeting cleaned in the process.

Note: You may use cotton swabs or soft brushes to clean hard to reach areas like sharp corners or the nooks and crannies of the decoration. Also, after cleaning, it’s advisable to use baby wipes or a wet cloth to remove leftover residuals from the cleaning solution.

Wooden staircase railings become dirty and oily after some time of use. They, therefore, need to be dusted frequently and cleaned with chemical cleaners or homemade organic solutions. Cleaning ought to be done as often as possible, depending on the amount of traffic the staircase experiences. Knowing the right products and techniques for cleaning the staircase railings properly makes the procedure easy, successful, and more satisfying.

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