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What Makes our
Spiral Staircases Better?

  • All stairways are preassembled in our factory for quality assurance, then disassembled and shipped. The Spiral staircase kits we ship in this manner will make your installation experience easier.
  • We take great pride in carefully handcrafting only high-quality, all wood spiral staircase designs. This is our specialty.
  • Customize and personalize your circular stairs with any available hardwood, as well as with a variety of rail and baluster options.
  • Our stairway kits come with all necessary components, including balusters, to meet the code requirements in your area.
  • Stairs design is our specality. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will assist you with the layout and design of your stairway.
  • Any and all customer service issues are handled directly by the ownership team.
  • All stairs are crafted of high-quality solid wood, not a thin veneer, which is both durable and timeless.

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Spiral Staircases by Stair-Pak

For more than 40 years, architects, builders, and homeowners have relied on Stair-Pak Products to provide top-quality, all wood spiral staircases, in standard and custom configurations, to meet the needs of even the most discerning clients. Our goal is to combine high quality craftsmanship with unsurpassed customer service in manufacturing our staircases.

We, unlike many of our competitors, are an all wood spiral staircase manufacturer, not a metal spiral manufacturer who offers wood spiral stairs. Let us show you how we can make your ideas, sketches, and/or specifications come to life in warm, elegant, durable woods. We proudly offer the Stair-Pak and Contempo-Pak brands of spiral staircases to enhance the interior of your home or office. We also offer our Deck-Pak model for exterior applications.

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Custom Spiral Staircases Collection.......

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Custom Handrails Collection.......

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Spiral Staircases Hand-Rails


Spiral Stair Hand-Rails


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