We love the stairs!

By : admin | On : 11:03 pm, 1st April, 2012

Hello Rich,

We love the stairs, they have become the center piece of our loft. Space saving design and a great width they never feel too narrow. It was an easy installation. The integration of the stairs was done by Kyle Page – Principle Architect – Sundial Studios & Design PLLC.

Philip K
New York, NY

Measuring for your spiral stair.

By : StairPak | On : 9:53 pm, 2nd January, 2010

When placing the order for your spiral staircase, the most important information that you need to provide are the measurements for the stairway.  Fortunately spiral stairways are relatively easy to measure.  The best way to start is to draw a rough sketch of the area the spiral stair will be located in.  Once you have your sketch you can begin taking measurements and making notations on your sketch.  Remember to mark on your sketch the locations of any walls on the upper and lower level. 

The first step is to measure the overall height of the stairway.  This measurement should be taken from the finished flooring on the lower level to the finished flooring on the upper level.  If the finished flooring in not installed yet, provide the information from the subfloor on the lower level to the subfloor on the upper level and the thickness of the new flooring material that you will be installing on both levels.   A common mistake in providing the height is measuring the ceiling height instead of the floor to floor height.  This will lead to your stairway being short.

The next step is measuring the area the stairway will fit into.  There are two basic types’  balcony and well hole.  A balcony application is the easiest to measure.  The only dimension that you need to provide is the length of the balcony to determine the amount of balcony railing that you will need.  The measurements for the well hole are a little different.  For a round well hole, you will need to provide the rough or finished diameter of the well hole.  A square well hole (note: the well doesn’t have to be a perfect square, it can also be a rectangle shape or any other shape) requires that you measure all of the sides. 

The final step is to make notations regarding any special circumstances that you may have in the room.  For example, does the room have radiant heat or a pitched ceiling over the stairway?  It you provide all of this information to the spiral stair manufacturer, they will be able to provide you with a custom layout your stairway that fits your space.

How Spiral Stairs Add Value to Your Home

By : StairPak | On : 9:14 pm, 23rd November, 2009

Not only can a well made and durable set of spiral stairs add beauty and style to your home, it also adds exceptional value.  Here’s how:

This type of home design opens up your home by taking up to 70 percent less space than traditional stairs –and yes, that is correct.  This option is perfect for homes that are limited in space or are narrow in design.  It’s a great way to “fake” space.

Your stairway should be well made with quality materials.  For instance, a high quality, professionally made wooden spiral staircase is more valuable than one made from a cheap do it yourself kit.  When choosing your final product, you want to choose something that will stand the test of time as opposed to a 10 year warranty.  This is also a key factor for resale value if you would choose to sell it in the future.  Whether you purchase a well made pre-assembled stairway or hire an experienced carpenter, a well made set of spiral stairs isn’t hard to come by.  Just make sure that the proper research is taken before making any decision.

Also, it is vital that before the stairway is installed that the proper measurements for the opening at the top of the stairwell be taken.  This is determined by the manufacturer of the stairwell.  Consider if you are installing this yourself as a do it yourself project.  If you make the opening to big, you risk taking away value from the home.  That is why it is important to make the proper measurements or have it professionally installed.

An exterior wooden spiral staircase is a perfect complement to any deck.  Not only does your deck add value to your home but by having this unique stair alternative adds immediate style as well as neighborhood envy.  You can customize your stairs to your deck by size and finish.  You can also add this exterior feature as a unique, alternative exit from any room in your house.  Plus, with this type of addition, you can always be a step ahead of the competition in the home market.  Ultimately, how many people do you know who have spiral stairs?

So basically, whether you are installing interior or exterior spiral stairs, it is important to research your options that are best for you and ultimately the value of your home.  You want to choose high quality materials to build your staircase, whether it is pre-assembled or installed professionally.  Do it yourself kits can be used, but you’re not sure if the parts are made from high quality products or low durability products like veneer.  You want something that will hold up for years to come, something with staying power.

Spiral stairs add not only value to your home, but extra space.  Remember, this design only takes up 70 percent less space compared to a traditional set of stairs.  Just think what you could do with all that extra space.

The Spiral Staircase – The Do It Yourself Kit vs The Pre-Assembled Professional Kit

By : StairPak | On : 9:14 pm, 23rd November, 2009

Congratulations!  You’ve made the decision to make a beautiful spiral staircase an addition to an indoor or outdoor element of your home.   While making precise measurements is most likely the first step you may take, you still have other factors that will help you choose and install the perfect stairs.  Have you decided on a finish that will not only match your current décor, but be durable and timeless?  Let’s go over these options a little bit more in depth.

Now that you have decided to install spiral stairs, you need to start with the measuring the opening that will soon house the top of your steps.  Basically, the size of the opening depends on the width that you are choosing for your steps.  You want to make sure that your stairs are going to be easy to use for all people that come in contact with them.  Yes, you can choose the minimum in width, however, that is not always the best alternative and not highly recommended for heavy traffic use.

Have you decided on a finish: Hardwood, Iron or Aluminum?

Finally the most important aspect in the installation, are you planning to purchase a do-it yourself kit or will you install your stairs using pre-assembled parts?  While a spiral staircase kit may be less expensive than a purchasing a pre-assembled model, you have to weigh the pros and cons.  Cons that may arise from a standard spiral staircase kits can include the following:

  • What if parts of your kit are missing?   What do you do?  Who do you contact?
  • Some kits can come with plastic banisters.  Are you comfortable with this type of banister as opposed to having a full metal or wooden banister?  How about steps made with veneer?
  • Do you feel comfortable installing stairs?  Unless you’re a carpenter or a home improvement guru, projects like this can be tricky and frustrating.

The pros of a standard kit include affordability and are a great option for those who love to take on a challenging home improvement task.

Now take a look at the cons of a pre-assembled kit.  These kits are more expensive than a standard kit you would purchase online or at your local home improvement store.

The pros of this type of product definitely outweigh the cons.  For instance, you can purchase a pre-assembled kit from a “Made in America” company that is most likely a family owned company.  Products made there are produced with the highest quality materials by workers who are experienced and take pride in the products they make.  Also, you can tailor your stairs from a variety of sizes and widths to a variety of finishes.  Pre-made stairs come with all components and are made with your local zoning regulations in mind.  That is not something that you can get out of a box.  Now that you have your options, you can get moving on installation.  Good Luck!