Measuring for your spiral stair.

By : StairPak | On : 9:53 pm, 2nd January, 2010

When placing the order for your spiral staircase, the most important information that you need to provide are the measurements for the stairway.  Fortunately spiral stairways are relatively easy to measure.  The best way to start is to draw a rough sketch of the area the spiral stair will be located in.  Once you have your sketch you can begin taking measurements and making notations on your sketch.  Remember to mark on your sketch the locations of any walls on the upper and lower level. 

The first step is to measure the overall height of the stairway.  This measurement should be taken from the finished flooring on the lower level to the finished flooring on the upper level.  If the finished flooring in not installed yet, provide the information from the subfloor on the lower level to the subfloor on the upper level and the thickness of the new flooring material that you will be installing on both levels.   A common mistake in providing the height is measuring the ceiling height instead of the floor to floor height.  This will lead to your stairway being short.

The next step is measuring the area the stairway will fit into.  There are two basic types’  balcony and well hole.  A balcony application is the easiest to measure.  The only dimension that you need to provide is the length of the balcony to determine the amount of balcony railing that you will need.  The measurements for the well hole are a little different.  For a round well hole, you will need to provide the rough or finished diameter of the well hole.  A square well hole (note: the well doesn’t have to be a perfect square, it can also be a rectangle shape or any other shape) requires that you measure all of the sides. 

The final step is to make notations regarding any special circumstances that you may have in the room.  For example, does the room have radiant heat or a pitched ceiling over the stairway?  It you provide all of this information to the spiral stair manufacturer, they will be able to provide you with a custom layout your stairway that fits your space.

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